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Welcome to the Mouse Radio listener map. This map shows where various listeners of the station are listening from. The map is centered on the United States but, you can left click on the map and drag to view the entire world. Place your maker on your location (you can zoom in and out) to show represent the area in which you are listening from.

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Now playing on Mouse Radio, the 2007 Mouse Radio Halloween Special! Enjoy the "Boo-to-You" special Halloween parade, performed live during the "Mickey's Not So Scary
Halloween Party"
. Then, take a trip to Disneyland for a ride-through of the incredible special version of the Haunted Mansion, renamed "Haunted Mansion Holiday". Then, lastly, take a trip back to ride the "normal" version of the Haunted Mansion.
This special show will run through Halloween.See our SCHEDULE for showtimes !Enjoy this 1 full hour of ghostly Disney Halloween Music!
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